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My Own Front Door

screenshot of book My Front DoorA Handbook for People with Disabilities – Becoming a Tenant and Staying Housed

This book was developed to assist people with disabilities, their families, case managers and advocates with moving to supportive or independent housing within the community.

Use this link to download a copy of My Own Front Door – MS-Word

Goodwill Industries Northern New England

Goodwill Industries Northern New England was established in 1933 in Portland, Maine by Reverend Frederick Olsen. Today, Goodwill Industries NNE continues to help others overcome barriers to achieve social and economic independence. For a full list of programs Goodwill offers, please visit their website.

National Alliance on Mental Illness – Maine

Through support, education and advocacy, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Maine is dedicated to building better lives for the 1 in 4 Mainers who are affected by mental illness. For a full list of programs, visit the NAMI-Maine website

Maine Parent Federation

Maine Parent Federation (MPF), in existence since 1984, is a private non-profit organization. MPF offers information, referral, one on one telephone support and training to parents of children with disabilities or special health care needs and the professionals who work with these families. Services are offered at no cost parents and are available statewide. Visit the MPF website

Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired

If you have a vision problem that prevents you from carrying out the activities of daily living, getting an education or a job, there is help. The Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBVI) can provide many services to persons with severe visual impairments. Visit the DBVI website.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) is a Department of Labor program that helps people who have disabilities. DVR offers Career Exploration Workshops, soft skills training and education necessary for people with disabilities to gain, regain or retain employment. Visit the DVR website

Wabanaki Vocational Rehabilitation Program

If you are an American Indian with a disability living near a Federal reservation in Maine and your disability keeps you for getting or keeping a job, the Wabanaki Vocational Rehabilitation program helps individuals who want to return to work, find employment or maintain employment. Visit the Wabanaki website.

Developmental Disabilities Council

The purpose of the Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC) is to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families participate in the design of, and have access to needed community services, individualized supports and other forms of assistance that promote self-determination, independence, productivity, integration and inclusion in all facets of family and community life. Visit the Maine DDC website.

Brain Injury Association of America – Maine Chapter

The Brain Injury Association of America – Maine chapter (BIAA) works to increase awareness of brain injury, provide information, resources and support for individuals who have sustained brain injuries and their families, and advocate for prevention and improved funding and services across the state of Maine. Visit the BIAA-Maine website.

Alpha One

Alpha One empowers individuals with disabilities to take charge of choices and act of their own behalf to achieve their goals for independence. Alpha One advocates for consumer programs and services, as well as change within society throughout the state of Maine. Visit the Alpha One website.

Catholic Charities of Maine

Catholic Charities of Maine (CCME) bring help and hope to Maine’s most vulnerable men, women and children regardless of faiths. Catholic Charities of Maine believes that by sharing their Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Hospitality, Excellence and Stewardship – we create more enriching and fulfilling lives for us all. Visit the Catholic Charities of Maine website.

Maine CITE

The Maine Department of Education’s Maine CITE program is designed to help to make assistive and universally designed technology more available to Maine citizens of all ages who may need them. Visit the Maine CITE website.

Disability Rights Maine

Disability Rights Maine (DRM) is Maine’s protection and advocacy agency for people with disabilities. DRM provides individuals with information about their rights and service system, and represents individuals at meetings and hearings by providing legal services to individuals and groups. Visit the DRM website.

The Maine Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Maine Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP) is a non-profit agency whose mission is to advocate for quality of life and care for long-term care consumers. Their services are free and confidential. Federal law and state law authorize our staff to investigate complaints made by or on behalf of long-term care consumers and to assist consumers in exercising their rights that are guaranteed by law. Visit the Maine LTCOP website.

Benefits Counseling Services, Maine Medical Center

Work Incentives are special rules that apply when a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipient returns to work. Benefits Counseling Services help navigate this process. Visit the Maine Medical Center Benefits Counseling Center website.

Office on Aging and Disability

The Office on Aging and Disability (OADS) support older and disabled adults by providing Adult Protective, Brain Injury, Other Related Conditions, Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Long Term Care, and Aging and Community services to the people of Maine. Visit the Maine OADS website.

Maine Emergency Management Agency

The Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) coordinates the State of Maine’s programs of emergency preparedness, response and recovery. Visit the MEMA website.

Maine State Housing Authority

Having an affordable, safe and accessible home is often a barrier to employment. The Maine State Housing Authority (MSHA) can help with this. They offer subsidized housing, energy assistance, mortgage help and home buyers classes. Visit the Maine State Housing Authority website.

Social Security Administration

Visit the Social Security Administration website


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