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Council Job Description

Council Job Description

 Essential Duties

  1. Participate fully and actively in Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) meetings and efforts.
  2. Work actively on at least one committee or work team of the SILC.
  3. Engage fully in the development of the state plan.
  4. Actively promote the principles of independent living and the efforts of the SILC.
  5. Contribute to advertising and promoting public hearings, forums, conferences, and other events related to SILC and independent living.
  6. Help facilitate development of new independent living leaders within the state.
  7. Contribute to the continuous search for and development of new SILC members.


  1. Commitment to the principles of consumer control and self-determination for people with disabilities.
  2. Belief in principles of equal access and equal opportunity.
  3. Commitment to the complete integration of people with disabilities into full participation in all areas of life and society.
  4. A strong sense and practice of honesty, integrity, and respect for the values of others.
  5. Strong personal code of ethics and self-discipline that include: maintaining confidentiality, avoiding conflict of interest, and refraining from using the SILC for self-promotion and personal gain.


  1. Team working skills.
  2. Knowledge and/or experience with independent living.
  3. Knowledge and/or experience in state and federal advocacy, fundraising, public relations, program development, or other activities that will help advance the SILC mission.