New Member Resources

Getting up to speed

Congratulations on your appointment to the SILC.  You will now be joining a dedicated group of individuals who are excited about the possibilities of change.  As with any new position, getting up to speed can feel overwhelming.  To help with the learning curve, members of the SILC are here for you.  Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, and what the best way for you to learn is.  Again, together we can move mountains.

Here are several things to do first:

  • Connect with your mentor
  • Read up on the SILC basic tasks and duties.  You can find many of them here (job description, Title 7, expectations, etc.)  Discuss your questions and thoughts with your mentor and other SILC members.
  • Take online SILC introductory courses.
  • Let the Council know what your interests and experiences are.
  • Familiarize yourself with current SILC projects, concerns and issues.
  • Informing and educating others about the SILC, the CIL, and the perspectives of independent living.
  • Encourage others to get involved – as a SILC member, as citizen advocates, etc.
  • Use your personal and professional resources to promote SILC forums and other events.
  • Encourage people to voice their concerns and desires regarding IL related issues with public officials and to SILC.

With new members, comes different experiences, new ideas and perspectives, and most of all enthusiasm to get to work!