Application Process

Applying for a seat on the SILC

The Maine SILC has 22 seats that are carefully selected in order to help represent a wide spectrum of individuals, organizations, and government services concerned with independent living. Emphasis is placed on having a majority of members who have personal experience with living independently and well with a disability. New members are chosen to fill specific required representative seats that may be vacant and the membership committee will help determine which of these seats would fit you.

At the beginning of the application process, the Executive Director or a current council member will meet with you to discuss the SILC and to offer assistance to you throughout the process. You will be invited to attend at least one of the monthly SILC meetings, as an integral part of the application process. Attendance includes:  in person, by phone, or by videoconferencing.

Your application will be submitted to the Governor’s office after you have attended a SILC meeting and have met with the Executive Director or current Council members. The Governor of Maine approves applications and appoints individuals to a seat on the SILC.  The SILC has a 3 year term and an individual is limited to two terms.

Attendance of meetings are critical to keeping the need of independent living in the spotlight.  Members are expected to engage and contribute to various tasks to help accomplish goals.

Travel expenses incurred for attending meetings and other SILC events are reimbursable. For SILC members who are not paid to attend the SILC meetings, a stipend is available.

If you have a passion for the values of independent living, in having a voice, commitment for working toward change and taking pride doing your best, then SILC is for you! We would love for you to join us at SILC. Where together we can make a difference.