Application Process

Applying for a Seat on the SILC

Maine SILC logoThe Maine SILC has 22 seats that are carefully prescribed in order to help represent a wide spectrum of individuals, organizations, and government services concerned with independent living. A particular emphasis and value is placed on having a majority of members who have personal experience with living independently and living well with a disability. New members are chosen to fill specific required representative seats that may be vacant and the membership committee will help determine which of these seats would fit for you.

At the beginning of the application process the Executive Director or  a current council member will meet with you to discuss the SILC and to offer assistance to you throughout the process. You will also be invited to attend at least one of the bimonthly SILC meetings as an integral part of the application process.

Your application will be submitted to the governor’s office after you have attended a SILC meeting and have met with the Executive Director or current council members. The governor of Maine approves applications and appoints individuals to a seat on the SILC. A SILC term is 3 years and an individual is limited to two terms.

In addition to engaging in the work of the general council all council members also serve on at least one committee or work group during their tenure and are expected to join fully in contributing to the ongoing work at hand. There are 6 SILC meetings each year that are generally held every other month on the second Thursday, beginning in January. There is a 2 day annual conference in October in lieu of a regular meeting. The meetings are typically held in Augusta from 10:00 to 1:00. Travel expenses incurred for attending meetings and other SILC events are reimbursable. For SILC members who are not paid to attend the meeting time, there is a stipend available.

See SILC JOB DESCRIPTION for more details regarding duties and tasks.

If you have an interest in joining in the vital work of the SILC, in sharing our passion and commitment to independent living, please give us a call – we would very much like to talk with you.

For further information or discussion please contact us

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