Maine SILC Workgroups

Maine SILC Workgroups are themed according to our work in the Maine State Plan for Independent Living (Maine SPIL). Each workgroup meets regularly to advance the goal areas in the SPIL. Workgroups are led and made up of Maine SILC members but anyone with an interest in the content area is welcome to join the workgroup. Contact Maine SILC for more information.


Updated February 2017

Maine SILC Workgroups were created to support the areas and the work listed in the Maine State Plan for Independent Living (Maine SPIL)


Workgroup Chair:
Workgroup Staff:
Maine SPIL on AT/IT: AT IT Workgroup

Community Based Living

Workgroup Chair: Diane Frigon
Workgroup Staff:
Maine SPIL on Community Based Living:  Community Based Living Workgroup

Economic Self-Sufficiency

Workgroup Chair: Stephanie Desrochers
Workgroup Staff:
Maine SPIL on Economic Self-Sufficiency: Economic Self-Sufficiency


Workgroup Chair: Kathy Despres
Workgroup Staff:
Maine SPIL on Employment: Employment Work Group


Workgroup Chair: Mel Clariage
Workgroup Staff:
Maine SPIL on Housing – Transition: Housing – Transition Workgroup

Maine Outdoor Recreation for Everyone (MORE)

Workgroup Chair: Diane Frigon
Workgroup Staff:
Maine Law on MORE: MORE Workgroup


Workgroup Chair: Dennis Fitzgibbons
Workgroup Staff:
Maine SPIL on Transportation: Transportation Workgroup


Workgroup Chair: Mel Clarrage
Workgroup Staff: Mike McClellan
Maine SPIL on Transition-Youth:  Transition- Youth Workgroup
Resources-High School & Beyond; A Guide to Transition Services in Maine