Adult Guardianship – Code Change as of July 2019

In July the Probate Court Code will be changing.  This will include adult guardianship. Shared Decision Making will have to be explored as an alternative before guardianship is considered.

There is a website with more information about what Shared Decision Making is and what it entails:

OADS and DRME are having trainings around the state for people interested in learning more about it.  If you have transition aged students or clients that this may impact, you may want to share this training opportunity with them, their families, supports, etc.  Here is the link:


Maine Parent Federation – Pilot Program

Maine Parent Federation has partnered with Maine’s Developmental Disabilities Council to pilot a program to provide education, resources, and referrals for parents and families of children with disabilities and special healthcare needs around providing Supported Decision Making as an alternative option to full guardianship.

Supported Decision-Making (“SDM”) is a method of developing decision-making skills by relying on a team of Supporters to assist an individual in collecting information, processing information, and coming to a reasoned decision. SDM is an alternative to guardianship in that it provides a trusted and formalized environment for individuals who are seeking assistance with decision-making while still promoting self-determination. In contrast to guardianship, SDM is flexible and can change with the needs of an individual to provide more opportunities for independence and autonomy.

We have started the first year of this program and are currently seeking more families of youth who are transition age, 8th grade through 11th grade, who would like to participate. Participation in this pilot would require attendance at a one-day training, working closely with employees at Maine Parent Federation to receive support and allow observation of the implementation of the school transition plan, and completion of surveys so we are able to collect data to show how the support and resources have changed outcomes for families and ultimately to help create a program curriculum to implement the second year of our project.

In addition to the resources and guidance around Supported Decision Making, Maine Parent Federation will also offer a stipend, meals, and mileage reimbursements to families who participate.

Our next training will be held on March 2, 2019 at the University of Maine in Augusta from 10 AM to 3:30 PM.

For more information, or if you would like to participate please contact;

Carrie Woodcock
Maine Parent Federation