Maine SILC logoThe Maine Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) is a federally mandated council under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Maine SILC advances independent living by engaging in or supporting research, publication, employment, community organizing, advocacy, and systems reform.

Federal statute requires that a Statewide independent Living Council be established within a State agency. The statute declares that a Council shall:

Maine SILC Bylaws

Use this link to download Best Maine SILC Bylaws March 2017 – MS-Word document

About the Members

Below is a list of current Members of the SILC. We will be adding biographical information about each member soon.

Kelly Osborn, Chair
Cheryl Peabody, Vice Chair
Stephanie Desrochers, Treasurer
Cindy Bistany, Member At Large
Elinor Weissman
Karen Mason
Diane Frigon
Dennis Fitzgibbons
Avery Olmsted lV
Kathy Despres
Brad Strause
Andrew Smith
Lincoln Hunt
Mel Clarrage
Patricia Thorsen
Darcy Gentle
Lauren Bustard
Andrew Capone-Sprague
Branden Densmore